Our Services

Shoe Shining
Give your shoes a new lease of life with our professional shoe shining service. We use high-quality materials to clean, polish, and condition your shoes, restoring their original shine and luster. Our experienced craftsmen take great pride in their work, ensuring your shoes look their best for any occasion.
Belt Repair
A broken belt can be frustrating, but don't worry - our belt repair service can fix it in no time. Our skilled team can replace buckles, adjust the length, and repair any other damage to ensure your belt looks and functions as good as new.
Half Sole Repair
Worn out soles can make your shoes uncomfortable to wear and unattractive to look at. Our half sole repair service can fix this by replacing the damaged part of the sole with a new, high-quality material. This service is perfect for shoes that are still in good condition but need some TLC.
Handbag & Luggage Repair
Your favorite handbag or luggage piece is too precious to be thrown away due to wear and tear. Our repair specialists can fix broken straps, replace zippers, and mend any other damage to restore your items to their original condition. Trust us to keep your treasured possessions in top shape.
Heel Replacement
If your shoes' heels have worn down, our heel replacement service can help. We'll replace the damaged heel with a new, high-quality one that matches the original as closely as possible. Our skilled craftsmen will ensure your shoes look and feel great again.
Full Sole Replacement
When the soles of your shoes have reached the end of their life, our full sole replacement service is the answer. We'll remove the old soles and replace them with new, high-quality ones that are durable and comfortable. You'll be amazed at the transformation.
Half Sole Replacement
If only part of your shoe's sole is damaged, our half sole replacement service can save you money and time. We'll replace the damaged part of the sole with a new, high-quality one, extending the life of your shoes and making them more comfortable to wear.
Zipper Replacement
Zippers that get stuck or come off can be a headache. Our zipper replacement service can fix this by replacing the damaged zipper with a new, high-quality one. We'll ensure the new zipper matches the original as closely as possible and that your item looks as good as new.